Saturday, October 18, 2008


We were at the shelter today taking pictures of the many new arrivals (please check back for pictures). Anyway, we need to make it clear how critical our situation is right now. The Marion Animal Shelter does not have a cage OR kennel available anywhere... not even outside. In fact, there are now 7 dogs living upstairs in the "storage area" in crates. We do not want any of our dogs to be euthanized (obviously), however if we cannot find any foster homes, we may not be able to stop it. All of our foster homes are already full with dogs.

To make matters worse, we have so many sweet and very adoptable Pitbulls, however they are much more difficult to place. So they sit and take up space while more keep coming in...We do not know what else to do at this point, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask your coworkers, friends, neighbors, etc. if they could just temporarily provide a safe haven for one or more of our sweet pups. Some of them are fairly small and won't take up much room. Please do not wait for someone else to step up, because they are not. Can you imagine if your pet didn't have you? Call Joan at 870-739-5412 or 870-739-1145. Allison may also be reached at 901-240-9848.

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