Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This is absolutely AMAZING! Thanks to a several doggy angels, Memphis (aka Memphis Blue for his coloring) has gone airborne! Anne from Redland Rescue, Inc. based in Homestead Florida, first saw Memphis on Petfinder on March 19th. As some of you know, Memphis was actually saved from the Memphis Animal Shelter (hence his name) in the end of January.

So... after spending 2 months in our shelter, Anne brought Memphis to the attention of the Director of Redland Rescue, Pamela. They agreed to help save him, so they began to look at all their options regarding transporting this sweet boy to Florida.

In comes more doggy angels. Debbie and Jon from Pilots n Paws, a volunteer air transport group out of Knoxville, TN, agreed to fly (yes fly) Memphis to Florida in a private small airplane for free (yes we said free). In fact, Jon personally offered to fly Memphis to Anne. Therefore, on Friday, March 28th, Memphis became famous (at least in the local paper). He flew 3 hours to Florida and did fantastic!

Memphis will be treated for heartworms and will recover in a temporary foster home with Joan (another member of Redland Rescue) in Fort Lauderdale. Once complete, he will finally go to his forever home with a playmate dobergirl waiting for him.

This is what Anne had to say shortly after his arrival: "What a great disposition, needs some exercise to get more muscle back, but is typical young dobie: very playful and polite, soft mouth for treats, sat too. He’s having a great time with my 1 yr dobergirl, right off the bat!!"

We received another update shortly thereafter: "He is doing very well...he just loves romping with Lena(the other gorgeous Dobie pictured) as you can see in the one pic, they are nonstop when they get going, that was from this morning after breakfast. He is obedient and polite, guarding the house/barks to strange sounds. He will be a good fit for the home we planned for placement. "

Finally, Anne writes: "Memphis is about 20 pounds underweight now, but is a very relaxed, friendly and obedient doberboy who has cuddled and made friends with all those he met along the way. He would not have survived continued confinement and exposure to other animal diseases inherent in shelter care."

We cannot Anne, Pamela, Debbie, Jon, and Joan enough for their part in saving this gorgeous creature!

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