Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We really hate to even ask (and wish we wouldn' t have to)...but so many of our dogs are desperate for some financial assistance. We have more dogs that are heartworm positive than ever before as well as several that have other issues (broken bones, etc.) that have depleted all the funds that we had. The sad truth is that it would be easier for The City to just euthanize these dogs. We (volunteers, sponsors, etc.) have worked tirelessly to save each and every dog, regardless of what "issues" they may have. We do not want to resemble the typical City Shelter in any way. However, without funds (and foster homes) to treat these pups, we are facing a critical time (a crossroads if you will). We just cannot continue to save all of the shelter dogs without your help. You may say..."well you can't save them all, just pick the ones that don't have the issues". We cannot fathom having to be forced to do that. So here were are...begging for your help. Honestly, ever little bit helps. If you give a little, your neighbor, your coworker...before you know it you have raised enough money to save a life! How about asking your workplace to match donations- we had a wonderful sponsor that did just that and it worked! In case you did not know, a typical spay/neuter is around $75-$100 (including rabies vaccination). Typically, heartworm treatment runs anywhere from $200-$300 per dog (depending on its size). Obviously, broken bones cost significantly more. But think about it...if you or your child happened to break a leg, would you really even think twice about fixing it??? You might recall how annoying those little pesky mosquitoes are in the summer, but do you realize that they can be deadly to our canine friends (that's where heartworms come from afterall! Please put your dogs on heartworm preventative!). Please dig deep (or gather change!). All donations are tax deductible! Checks should be written to PAWS by the way- that's our non-profit or 501-c3 organization. We also accept donations via Paypal. If you feel more comfortable paying our veterinarian directly, we can certainly make arrangements to do that as well. Folks all we care about is saving these guys/gals...many of us are personally "in the hole" as they say trying to help them. For you Oprah fans...remember "GIVE BIG"- it will come back to you!!! FOSTERS WE NEED YOU TO STEP UP TOO!

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