Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is Max. He is NOT up for adoption as he has already been rescued by the most wonderful guardian angel, Laurie, from Canada (sorry folks). Laurie was a bit camera shy and is letting her precious dog Max stand-in for her (LOL). Laurie provided us with a very generous donation (in the $1000s) to P.A.W.S. several months back. She literally saved more dogs than we ever could have imagined. Spays/neuters were performed, heartworm treatments provided, and other medical costs were taken care of thanks to Laurie. For several months, we were able to continue our efforts in peace knowing that no one would be euthanized due to lack of funding to provide care or transportation to Rescue Groups up North. It took us a while to track her down and we feel awful about not being able to properly acknowledge her generosity, but we are incredibly appreciative of everything she did for our sweet pups. You truly are the greatest- THANK YOU LAURIE!

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