Monday, April 21, 2008


Holly left her foster home after several months of TLC
(she underwent heartworm treatment during that time) and arrived in New Hampshire on Saturday! Her new owner, Beverly, has to be the most patient woman in the world to wait for this sweet girl for so many months. We want to thank you, Beverly for reaching out to Holly and adopting her without ever even meeting her (it takes a special person!). We couldn't have asked for a better home for her. The top pictures were taken the day she left Memphis and the bottom pictures show Holly in her new home. Beverly writes...

"She is really a big lovebug. She is so sweet...All is going very well. She has destroyed a pile of stuffed toys that I expected she would as any young dog does...She watches the cats move around and doesn't have any interest in them just curious sometimes. She has started to eat very well now and drinks alot... She really does listen well so I think once my daughter gets involved with her dogs things will be great."

Thanks Beverly for keeping us updated on Holly's progress and for being her Doggy Angel! Another big thanks to Janet for making this all happen- REALLY- We appreciate all your hard work saving all of our precious dogs!

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