Monday, April 21, 2008


Thanks to Katie and her husband, Adam, we have updated pictures of handsome Halo in his foster home (that's one of their dogs, Annie, in the picture with them). Halo is doing fabulous according to his foster parents. He started heartworm treatment today, so check back for more updates under his profile on the Petfinder site. Apparently Halo is quite the puppy at heart. This is what his foster parents have said about him:

"He acts like such a puppy. He gets along very well with my male, Bear. They love to play. He liked my female, Annie, a lot until she told him she was not interested and it was HER house, so now he just licks her ears and tries to stay out of her way for the most part, but she has warmed up to him quite a bit today and tried to play with him a bit, but he's still a little intimidated! My husband absolutely loves him...He's so tolerant and friendly with everyone...He just needs work on keeping his feet on the ground :) We're making good progress with the house breaking...I've found he also loves squeaky toys and is very toy motivated. If no one will play with him, he throws it in the air for himself and chases it. He's a big clown."

Thank you both for taking such great care of Halo. We look forward to hearing about his progress! Halo will be available for adoption once his treatment is complete.

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