Friday, June 20, 2008


Oh the day in the life of a foster family! Andy, Julie, and Sebastian are all together in a foster home. We have a few new pictures of them to show you as well as updates.

You may remember Andy (the black & tan Dachshund mix). He is completely finished with heartworm treatment and is doing great! He needs a special type of home that is quiet where he can just lie on the couch all day. Andy is still extremely shy and for that reason he will need to be adopted locally and must have a fenced in yard. He secretly adores belly rubs, but he wouldn't tell anyone!

Then there's Julie (formerly known as Julip) the tan Min Pin mix (at least we think). Julie is an active dog (no... not hyper) that loves to play. She'll play with Sebastian as well as larger dogs for long periods of time if you let her. However, she does like to snooze on the couch too! Julie is a bit bossy at first with other dogs, but she responds very well to correction. She loves affection too, but needs to get to know you first.

Finally, there's Sebastian. Oh what a doll this boy is. Sebastian is a Miniature Australian Shepherd (or mini aussie) and he's about 10 months old and weighs 17 pounds. His foster parents say he is doing significantly better than when they first got him. Sebastian not only survived Parvo a few months back, but we recently discovered that he is functionally blind. Don't feel sorry for him though because he gets around great! It only took him about a week to learn where everything was around him. Sebastian can run and play and does not bump into anything, however he needs a consistent environment because he would trip on holes in the ground and perhaps smaller objects on the ground (so you'd have to put . Oh and another thing...he absolutely LOVES water. This boy will swim in the baby pool any chance he gets and enjoys playing with Julie tremendously (he can keep up with the big boys and girls as they say; and will play pretty rough for a little one, so canine brothers or sisters need to be able to handle him). He also needs to be adopted locally due to his visual deficit and absolutely must have a fenced in yard and a canine playmate to help show him the way. Plus, he should be part of a family where someone is home often. See the next post for more pictures of Sebastian. Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 or Joan at 870-739-1145 if you'd like to find out more about these cuties!

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