Sunday, June 8, 2008


Harry was not with us very long - and there sure was a lot of interest in him while he was here.., Harry came to us as a stray, in poor condition. It is still hard to believe anyone let him get him lost. We knew he needed a special home - and that is what he received! Harry is now living the life in MO with several other "doodles" and a doxie. He has been to the groomer and looks like a completely different dog! Here is the update his new mom sent us:

Thank you all for working together to let me adopt 'Harry'! He is wonderful!! I can tell he is very smart and will learn quickly. He didn't seem to know what toys were, but has also picked up on that too. He is potty trained and that was a great bonus!! He also made his first trip to the farm on Saturday Evening. Not sure if he had ever seen cattle before, but learned real quick that they can turn and chase him. He came running over the hill barking like crazy with about 150 Strs coming behind him. He came back with the pack pretty quick. He is getting along with my other dogs just fine. My little Daschund Pup thinks he is a new stuffed toy and climbs and chews all over him and Harry just takes it and is real gentle when he plays with him.

Thanks again to all of you guys, I know that it took several more phone calls and more time to deal w/someone out of state, but I greatly appreciate it and I am super pleased with my new doodle!! -- Colette

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