Monday, June 2, 2008


Oh if ever 2 dogs deserved more love... Meet Angel and Faith. We assume these precious girls are litter mates. They were picked up in a neighboring town. The sad truth is that most city shelters would probably put them to sleep based on how they look, but we think they deserve a chance. They both appear to have some type of mange (Faith more severe than Angel). Despite having flies almost carry them away (poor babies were outside at the shelter due to overcrowding), both of these girls just wag their tails at the sight of humans. They really need some help. A foster home would be fabulous as well as some sponsor money to help pay their vet bills. They are safe temporarily at the vet's office, but cannot stay there forever. Please call if you can help these precious souls ASAP. Check their Petfinder profiles for updates on their progress. Be sure to click on each picture for an enlarged view.

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