Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Jadea is another miracle dog. She is a black and tan hound that was found on the side of the expressway, starving, lifeless and completely broken. No one knows how long she laid out there on the side of the road suffering and starving. A caring person saw her raise her head and stopped to pick her up, and started her journey to recovery.

PAWS volunteer, Joan Welch, brought her to Shelby Center Hospital for Animals to let Dr. Parker put her back together.

Jadea was emaciated beyond belief, she is heartworm positive, she was infested with intestinal parasites, she had rips in both her ears, scars and cuts all over and to top it off she had a crushed pelvis and broken femur. Treatment had to wait on her broken bones for over a week because she was too unstable to operate on. Her surgeries had to be split up because there was so much damage. Both hips had to be repaired and have screws placed to secure both. She also had to have her femur plated to hold it together.

Her recovery has been both long and painful. For many days after each surgery she could not walk without support. Over the weeks she has improved greatly. Now she can walk on her own most day, though still at a slow pace. She still doesn't have complete use both rear legs and may never be completely right but she can live a great life.

Jadea is an amazing dog. She gives the best doggie kisses and she barks at you when she wants your attention. To have been so starved she is the most gentle dog when it comes to taking food from you. She never snips food out of you hand or gets aggressive over food.

Jadea's vet bill is extremely high (over $2000) due to all that had to be done to save her life. Additionally - she has tested positive for Heartworm - so has upcoming medical expenses as well...Jadea is definitely worth it though. She is truly an angel. Donations are needed to help pay her vet bill. Jadea would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

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