Monday, January 25, 2010


The happy tails are coming in left and right this week - which keeps our hope strong for some of our remaining long termers.

There are many days when rescuers ask themselves "how did I get here? why should I continue?" Alissa's happy ending reminds us "why" we spend day after day cleaning up dog poop, covered in dog hair, running to the vet, begging for money, owning nothing that is new or without teeth marks...

Alissa was with our rescue for over a year - with no interest at all. But this lucky girl was chosen to go North by one of our rescue partners - and thank goodness!

Here is the first update from Alissa's new mom (who started as her foster mom):

Well, Miss Alissa has licked her way into our hearts and has found her forever home! She is staying with us and is not going anywhere. We have changed her name to Bree, which means 'exalted one' in gaelic. (it is another way of saying princess!!).

She has a new coat to keep her warm when she is outside playing. For a southern girl she LOVES playing in the snow as you can see and eating the snow and icicles off of the trees. She loves her squeaky toys and taking naps on the couch (which she is doing right now -- snoring away!!). She has started going to doggie day care one day a week to play and run with other dogs - boy is she tired after that. She plays really well with a male pit bull, a german shepard, and a snauzer -- they just run and play from the minute they get there -- until it is time to go home!

We love having her in our lives - thank you for sending her to us!

Mary MacLennan

Thank you Mary for seeing what a special girl Miss Alissa is! Awfully happy she is a snow dog:)

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