Sunday, January 24, 2010


Check out sweet Bo! This pup was with us for such a long time and went through so much to finally find his forever home.

Hounds are particularly challenging to place in loving homes - even though they often make wonderful family dogs, many people only want them to live outside and hunt or mistakenly think they will be too loud and rambunctious to have as indoor companions.

Bo is an example of what special family members hounds can make. We are just thrilled to receive this update from his adoptive mom:

I have been remiss in sending you guys an update on Bo (now Beau) who is doing fabulous. I can't believe he's been with me for three months. He's such a good guy and has settled in nicely.

The hotspot on his leg has almost entirely cleared up which is great. I think it was likely a contact allergy of some sort because as soon as I stopped using detergent to wash his bed and the towels I use for him, it started to clear up.

He's going to day care at Fetch on Wednesdays and next week will add Mondays since the weather is so lousy and he needs the extra exercise. We've been going to the Kennebunk dog park on the weekends and meeting lots of other rescue dogs. It's amazing how many of the dogs there are rescues from somewhere. A very good thing.

Patti and Beau

Thank you Patty for giving Bo/Beau the chance at love and life that he deserves! Bo - don't get up on our account:)

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