Saturday, January 16, 2010


It is always a dilemma whether to get a new dog after losing one. There is no right answer as you always depends on the person and the situation. For our volunteer's sister, Kelly (who recently lost her sweet Pug), welcoming a new member to the family might just be the answer. PAWS tried to find her a little dog, but to no avail (we seem to only have medium and large dogs at the moment). Not a problem since there were lots of needy dogs in our area. Kelly spotted this sweet girl at an adoption event in Memphis and just couldn't resist!

Tinkie is her new name. She is a precious little Chihuahua mix with a bit of an overbite you just have to see. She bonded immediately to Kelly and is quite the snuggler. Congrats to Kelly and Tinkie (Tinkie has no idea yet how spoiled she will be!). Even though we couldn't find you one in our foster pool, we are just grateful that you rescued a pup in need. So for Kelly, you mend a broken heart by opening it up to someone else :)
Perhaps that might work for you too!

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