Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As some of you know - we have spent a great deal of time begging and pleading for help with Callie and Charlie - two wonderful Chocolate Labs that have been waiting for many many months for a foster home that could take them through Heartworm treatment.

Sometimes it feels like nobody is out there listening - or that the world has become annoyed with our constant begging in the name of the dogs - and then - out of the blue - comes a miracle - that shows that indeed SOMEONE is listening.

The miracle of the moment is that Callie and Charlie have not found a foster home but have found a FOREVER home! With a family that is willing and able to take them through heartworm treatment.

The dynamic duo went to their new home on Saturday. Here is a picture of them enjoying the new digs!

Thank YOU for rescuing them and helping them find a home. We love them! I've got only one picture so far, but I'll send more when they are through their treatments and frolicking outside again. Keep up your great work.

Thank you to Jennifer and Bernard for giving these two pups the life they deserve! And thank you to Terri for being patient and keeping our pups safe.

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