Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ling Ling on "her" sofa

We love to receive updates on our rescue dogs from their adoptive families! Below is a terrific update on Ling Ling - a Shar Pei mix that was slated for euthanasia at our local shelter over a year ago for "cage aggression."

Ling Ling is now living the life of a queen - and obviously is not a danger to society!

I know you guys are so busy you may not remember a pei mix girl you adopted out a while back.

I just wanted to let you know that she is the best dog anyone could ask for.
She was being housed by a shelter and they were going to euthanize her because of cage aggression. We have yet to see any sign of aggression, I guess she was just terrified.

I have not gotten a chance to thank you for saving her and giving her another chance.

I have had rescue dogs in the past and found that they usually come with problems of some kind that have to be resolved. She has not caused us any trouble at all since she came to our home.

My husband re-named her Chippy. She goes running with him for his ongoing job training as a firefighter all of the time. She plays so well with my 18 month old, they do tug of war. She growls and jumps and makes it look like she is trying so hard but barely pulls and lets him win every time. Her name was his third word.

My niece and nephew dress her up like a doll and she loves the attention. She has trained so easily and can do tons of useful things, like pick up objects and hand them to me.

Ling Ling playing "dress-up"

She has her own giant bed, but uses it for toy storage and refuses to sleep anywhere but HER sofa.

Everywhere we take her people remark on what a good dog she is. They are always surprised to hear she is a shelter dog.

Thank you so much for everything you do, please don't stop saving these awesome dogs like our Chippy!


Thank you Lily for giving Ling Ling (aka "Chippy") a chance at the life she deserves. She looks awfully happy!

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