Thursday, April 15, 2010


Charlie and Callie are two gorgeous, young Chocolate Labs, who came to us after being thown out of a car.

They were being fostered at Joan's house. When Joan went into the hospital, Charlie and Callie went to a temporary foster home that could keep them for a few weeks.

We did not see this as a problem, as both dogs had a rescue to take them and also a prospective adoptive home.

We have since discovered that Charlie and Callie are positive for heartworm (light positive).
So - we need a new, longer term foster for these two that can hold them through treatment (6 weeks) - or a rescue that can take them as is and treat them upon intake.

Callie and Charlie are really nice dogs who get along well with others. They deserve a chance to enjoy their lives as part of a loving family. All they need is a foster to take them through treatment.

If you can help these two sweet pups - please contact: Lisa at 901-826-0292 or email us at

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