Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is a long overdue update on Taz.

Taz came to our shelter as a puppy and was adopted out to not such a great home...Fortunately, he was returned as an adult when his caretaker moved and did not take Taz along. Poor Taz arrived back at our shelter all matted and dirty. On top of everything he was heartworm positive.

Taz sat for months and months, waiting for some kind soul to look his way. Nobody ever did. We could not undertand it as he is the nicest dog. Then one day along came Judy.

Judy emailed us from Massachusetts inquiring about Taz. We do not generally conduct long distance adoptions without the representation of a local rescue organization - we could not find one to represent Taz.

But Judy would not give up (thank goodness) - eventually we gave in and put Taz on transport to New England. That was absolutely the best decision - as you can see below - Taz is a happy and well-loved boy.

Here is an update from Taz's new mom:
Taz is a great dog. He does not have any bad habits. He sleeps through the night in the bedroom, rides well in the car, walks well on the leash and gets along with other dogs. We are taking it very slow with the cats. I think he wants to play with them, but they are very docile so we are being extra careful.

Thank you Judy for giving Taz his second chance. Good things come to those who wait - right Taz?

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