Sunday, March 29, 2009


Harvey & Ling Ling, two dogs on the "Urgent" list at the shelter, were lucky enough to find a terrific foster home together! Harvey, being hearing impaired needed a special place to go. Lily, his new foster, is experienced with teaching dogs sign language - and Harvey is a great student. He is also learning a lot from Ling Ling, who a great canine mentor.

Here is the first update from their foster mom:
I just wanted you to know that they have settled in nicely. They have already gotten attached. Both of them will whine and howl if they are seperated. Ling Ling will jump around to get Harveys attention if there is a bird or something interesting to look at out the window. She seems to understand that there is something different about him and helps alert him to anything he may be missing, like a full food bowl :)

I have already taught Ling Ling to sit and lay down, she is so smart she even caught on to the sign language that I have used to teach Harvey. He is also a pro at sit and lay down. We are leaning towards adopting them if they keep up their good behavior because they seem really well matched.

I am attaching some pictures of them enjoying their new couch and such. Thank you for your efforts to save these dogs from euthanasia they are great!

Thank you Lily for saving these two wonderful dogs! This is a perfect example of how critical foster homes are to our organization! Fostering can be a very rewarding experience that costs you nothing but time and love. Please consider helping one of our dogs still in need by opening your home - contact Lisa to foster a dog: 901-826-0292.

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