Thursday, March 19, 2009


****GREAT NEWS FOR CEE CEE... She is now in a foster home thanks to doggy angel, Crystal****

We are very sad to report that Betsy has passed away. She came into the shelter the other day . She had some stomach issues when she first came in. We thought it was stress, but she was taken to the vet to make sure. She received IV fluids and antibiotics (blood work indicted she had an increased white blood cell count), but sadly, she did not make it. The vet thinks she may have had some type of long standing infection or perhaps even cancer. Cee Cee, her doggy companion, is now alone at the shelter. If anyone could please foster Cee Cee let us know. PAWS could use some sponsor funding to help pay for the medical care that Betsy received. Please remember that none of these dogs can be helped without donations :)

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