Monday, February 23, 2009


Trixie made it north to her forever home in Connecticut with Walt and Linda. This is what her new parents had to say:

"Trixie made the trip in fine shape. She met her new sister Darla outside, they did the usual sniff and check type stuff and went to find all the toys. Darla has been showing her around and Trixie is happy to have met the cat too, they like to play hide and seek. She slept with us last night and she really is tired today as well, LOL. We expect things to normalize within the week. Linda is off for the next few days so as to help Trixie adjust to her new home. Thank you so much for this opportunity to adopt Trixie, she is a very welcome addition to our family."

Thank you so much for giving Trixie such a wonderful home!

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