Friday, February 6, 2009


Geez- could you find a cuter Pittie than this?! Billy came to our shelter as a stray from a neighboring town. He is a doll! No joke...he had a blast with a simple $1 toy (throwing it in the air, rolling around on his back, and yes...eventually making "clouds" on the ground with blue stuff inside the toy- if you have dogs, you probably know what we mean), Billy deserves a great home and has so much love to give. He is about 10-12 months old.

Billy gets along well with other dogs - and seems disinterested in cats. He is also crate trained.

Sadly - Billy has tested positive for heartworm. He needs a loving indoor foster home to go to for treatment. He has been waiting and waiting for some kind hearted soul to help him so that he can get better and move onto rescue or an adoptive home. We will pick up the vet expenses if you will just give him a chance at the life he deserves. It is heartbreaking to watch puppies grow into adults in our care because there are no foster homes...

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience - just see Kiani and Kade's update below. Fostering saves lives - please save Billy's!

Please help Billy - contact Joan, 870-739-1145, or Allison, 901-240-9848.

Thank you for caring!

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