Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Remember hairless Howard(first pic)? Well, he is having a blast up North with his new foster family. This is what his new foster mom, Kelly, had to say:

" Hey there! I just wanted send some pics of Howie, my foster-puppy. He is such a gentle, sweet dog and he is such a great addition to our house. Howie enjoys playing with his babies, eating treats, going for walks on the path by my house, biting Kenya's ears, and being a snuggle-bug."

We wanted to thank Crystal in Arkansas for going the extra step to save this boy from the streets (literally). A big thanks to Kelly as well for allowing him to be a part of her family. We also have much gratitude for Nancy and Ruth for sponsoring Howie. We couldn't do any of this without doggy angels like all of you! We can't wait until he finds his forever home!

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Anonymous said...

this is crystal from arkansas i am so glad that howard has a good home and are with people who love him and take care of him. he looks 100% better than when i picked him up on the side of the road. he was definitly worth saving. keep me updated. thanks