Friday, February 6, 2009


Look at Kiani and Kade! After being abandoned in a parking lot, spending months in a cage and undergoing a very difficult heartworm treatment, these two wonderful pups are healthy, happy and ready for their forever home. Kiani and Kade are a bonded pair and must go home together. Additionally, they require a fenced in yard and a home that will keep them inside as part of the family.

Here is the latest update from their foster mom:

The kids are doing well. Kiani got an OK check up from the doctor a few weeks back...she is all back to normal with regard to her blood count. She is still being weaned from the Prednisone. She is nearly there. They are both back to their weights prior to treatment. I just keep feeding them and loving them. They just keep loving to be inside in their own little pad with each other.

They don't like to be outside too much...on warmer days they roll around in the grass and play with the other four members of my pack. Kiani does not care much for the pack...she will tolerate the other dogs but she is much more inclined to only want to be around Kade alone. When the pack comes outside with the two...she waits by her door implying that she wants to sit inside and look out the window.

Kade is completely house trained and Kiani is nearly trained. As the steroids are decreasing...her ability to hold her urine is getting better. They are still two of the most loving dogs I have ever met. Kade is a big teddy bear and Kiani thinks she is human.

Thank you Melanie for taking such good care of these two - you are their savior!

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