Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok well at this point everyone is urgent, but here are a few of the most urgent cases (the other dogs in immediate need will be posted in a few days). All of these pups have been at the shelter or in boarding for almost 2 months (some even more...). Marcy (Pittie) has waited and waited at the front of the shelter for anyone to even look her way. She is a sweetheart and doesn't even mind cats (she needs heartworm treatment so badly and a foster home). Red (Chow mix) is super sweet and he will make a wonderful companion; however like most pups, he could use some basic training (leash, basic commands, etc.). Joe (Lab/Pit mix?) has heeled now from his broken leg and may have a Rescue Group take him if he can get out of the shelter. Katie (oh what a sweet girl...) has seen several roomates "get saved", yet she still sits in her jail. Katie needs heartworm treatment desperately. Smokey (was actually heartworm negative at last check) still sits in a cage at the vet's office in boarding. He is nearly out of time as well (funding is basically gone at this point). Lastly, there's Bandit (Blue Heeler mix). Bandit is so close to being the perfect dog- all he needs is some basic training and an active family. He has sat at the shelter in the little kennel for far too long for any pup. Please open your hearts and homes- we will provide whatever they need. Call us or email us asap!

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