Sunday, September 28, 2008


UPDATE 10/01/08: Thankfully, Wally has found a temporary foster home (thanks so much Laura!) to help nuture him and nurse him back to health. We will update you on his progress soon!

This is Wally! Wally has survived the odds (sorry these pictures aren't very good- he was not exactly up for pictures). He was found in the country by a good samaritan, literally starving. Wally was taken to the vet because he was so weak and anemic (consequently, he had to undergo a blood transfusion). After a few days, Wally just wasn't eating well and he could not keep what little food he ate down so they took X-rays. Wally had apparently eaten everything he could get his paws on in an effort to stay alive. Unfortunately, Wally had bones, plastic, and many other things in his stomach which required surgery. Thankfully, he has survived and his IV is being removed today. He desperately needs to find a foster home where he can be nurtured back to health.

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