Sunday, September 14, 2008


FINALLY-Razor is on his way to a better life! Well one of our volunteers agreed to let Razor bunk at her house last night before leaving to go to his Rescue Group in Colorado (THANK YOU TRENNY & LINDA). Our volunteer's sister, Kelly, drove all the way from St. Louis to get him and will take him to St. Louis to meet "his ride" to Colorado (THANK YOU TOM). Poor Razor was so excited to get out of the shelter that he kept Kelly up all night long. He couldn't get enough of the balls, rope toys, bones, Kongs, fishing poles (yes...he thought those were toys too...oops), and affection. Whoever adopts this boy will have a wonderful companion. Once again THANK YOU KELLY and everyone who made his rescue possible!

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Trenny said...

Great story! I am Trenny, the gal in Denver who has Razor now. What a doll he is. He is a ray of sunshine around here and the other foster dogs love him. They never seem to get tired of playing. Thanks for all the hard work getting him to Colorado.