Monday, September 1, 2008


As of 9/05/08, the Louisiana dogs have now gone home safely (we wish them all the best of luck). Unfortunately, we thought that would make room for some of our babies to come back inside, but then we received at least 6 new dogs. We just can't get a break...

As of today (Monday), we have had to take in 11 Pitbulls from Louisiana (their owners are staying in local Churches, etc.). In order to make room for them, we have had to move several of our sweet pups outside (which was already full). This means that there are 2 and 3 dogs to a pen in many of them (18 total outside alone). Not only that, but we do not have enough dog houses for them. As you may know, it is going to rain for days (not pleasant when you don't have adequate shelter.

PLEASE PLEASE consider fostering our babies for a little while. If you cannot foster, please ask around to see if you can find large dog houses. We would be eternally grateful (as will our sweet pups). Please call Joan at the shelter Tues AM if possible (870-739-5412) or Allison at 901-240-9848. We need help immediately (especially dog houses)! In order to speed things along, please fill out the Foster Application in the Links of Interest section on the right of the Blog and email it to

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