Friday, March 23, 2007


This is a story about a wonderful dog named Lehi that will tug at your heart. A woman was driving out of town toward Little Rock on Thursday (I believe March 8th) and happened to notice a dog lying in the median off the Interstate (near Lehi exit, hence his name). Well, to her SHOCK, on her way back in town the following Tuesday, guess who was still in the same spot: YEAP. This poor dog had been there all alone, no food, shelter, or water, the entire time. Frantic, she called another shelter nearby, but the person on the phone told her they didn't think they could get the dog because the shelter does not pick up dogs on the Interstate (which is crazy I know, especially injured dogs that are alive!). The shelter was supposed to call her back and let her know whether they will pick him up. No phone call.

Feeling tremendously frustrated, the woman called the Memphis organization, Responsible Animal Owners of Tennessee, begging for help with this dog. Jeanne Chancellor, President of this group, said she would call The Marion Animal Shelter to see if they could help. Sure enough, Carolyn Tsironis (the supervisor at the shelter), immediately went out to search for the presumably injured dog. After careful searching, Lehi was finally rescued (the woman wasn't sure about the exact mile marker)! Anyway, this little guy wagged his tail as soon as Carolyn picked him up (he must have known he was being saved). He was unable to walk, due to an injury in his rear left leg (presumably hit by a car). Carolyn rushed him to a veterinarian in Memphis. They found out later that he would need to have his leg amputated because the damage was too great (apparently he had torn major ligaments in his knee as well as other damage). The kicker is that this poor dog had apparently been injured weeks ago and had been dragging his leg around. Lehi was lying in the median because he had almost given up (the vet said "probably waiting to die"). The lady who called regarding the dog fortunately offered to pay for the surgery (what an angel!).

Anyway, this miracle dog is now recovering at the Marion Animal Shelter and desperately needs a foster home to get him out of the shelter environment so he can heal properly and safely. Please help him by providing a nice cozy bed (preferably in a large crate) to recover on and the comfort of knowing we're all elated that he has lived. Lehi is a very sweet boy. He is now able to take short walks, but still needs to build up his endurance. Lehi needs special foster people to care for him (preferably without other dogs, or at least able to keep them separate while he recovers and someone who is around a majority of the day/night). Some people think he is a mix between a Plott Hound and a Black Mouth Cur (hunting type dog). Will you be his angel???

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