Saturday, March 24, 2007


Good day everyone- I'm Maggie. I'm just a young girl (approximately 8 months old) and I am very sad because my owner surrendered me to the shelter a few days ago. He said something about "me finding them" ; that he had only had me about 2-4 weeks; and that he already had 2 dogs. But, the vet that I went to (the man gave the shelter the information) indicated that my owner had brought me in back in November, when I was just a baby! Based upon my calculations, that is almost 5 months ago! GO FIGURE! Well at least I am up to date on all my shots and have been taking heartworm preventative. I am a very good girl, but I was very skiddish during these pictures (after all, I wasn't sure where I was and all the new sights and sounds scared me). I really enjoy children once I relax a little bit (the lady who took my picture had an 8 year old girl and a 14 year old boy with her). Just look at my adorable eyes! Please come save me from this place- I'm so scared! I'm used to a family life- can I be a part of yours???

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