Thursday, March 22, 2007


Community meeting went well tonight- thanks to all of you in attendance. The group discussed immediate needs of the shelter, namely the need for foster families (2-3 weeks for those going to rescues up north; 4-6 weeks for those undergoing heartworm treatment; and regular fostering) and for help with shelter renovations if unable to foster (cleaning, painting, etc.). Also discussed having a booth at Esperanza Bonanza (for those not familiar, this is a local festival in early May-more to come on this later) to improve awareness and discussed fundraising ideas (e.g., corporate sponsorship, T-shirt sales, car wash, etc.).

The current fundraiser, "Campaign for Honorary Mayor of Marion" is going well- ballots are still being accepted (ballots available in The Marion Ledger newspaper). There are 11 dogs to pick from and just $1.00 per vote (you can vote as much as you'd like for whomever you'd like through April 20, 2007). Proceeds go directly to the shelter for care of the animals, so please consider voting.

The group is also working on exploring ways to educate the community regarding the importance of spaying/neutering their pets, vaccinating their pets, and heartworm preventative as this is such an enormous problem. Please check back for a date on the next community meeting in April. We could use as many volunteers as possible for all sorts of tasks.

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