Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Darci is one lucky gal. She didn't even have to be posted on Petfinder because she was scooped up by her new mommy, Mickie, before we could post her! Darci was "staying" with Mickie temporarily (so Mickie as a foster pup. Well as you can see by the update below, she's not going anywhere!

"I LOVE HER and she and Bailey are great together - Bailey has (or should say 'had') this pink blanket that they fight over; whoever has it the other sneaks up and grabs a corner and takes off!! They are so funny to watch; has definitely brought laughter to my home. The attached are pictures of her first 'camping' trip and she did great!! I also have this small cabinet at the end of my kitchen counter that has a cushion and I guess Darci thinks that's hers cuz she'll jump on it and then put her paws on the counter and watch me fix her meals (or my own); doesn't attempt to grab the food tho', just watches. She also follows me everywhere and loves to give kisses!! Spoiled?? Yep!!!"

Thanks for the happy update Mickie to lift our spirits (and for giving her such a great home)!

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