Sunday, December 13, 2009


HELP! We received a call this morning that our Adoption Coordinator, Joan, has been in a car accident and is in the hospital. We are not sure of the extent of her injuries - but we know that she has a concusion and broken leg.
Joan has given her heart, soul and life to help dogs in need in this area. Now it is our turn to help her.

Joan has many foster dogs at her house - that now have nobody to take care of them. We need to move as many of these dogs as possible into foster homes and boarding.

As a result, we are in IMMEDIATE need of foster homes and donations for boarding fees.

Below are some of the dogs that need temporary placement. There are more that we do not have pictures/profile information on yet - as they were just pulled from the shelter.

Hazel - Update 12/14, in Temporary Foster

Carley - Update 12/14, in Foster

Duke - 12/14 Still in Need of Foster

Tyler - 12/14 Still in Need of Foster

Callie - 12/14 in Foster, Rescue Placement Pending

Charlie - 12/14 in Foster, Rescue Placement Pending

Zoe - 12/14 in Foster
Josh - 12/14, Still in Need of Foster
Louie - 12/14, In need of Foster
Leah - 12/14 - in Foster Care

If anyone can help with foster homes - please contact Lisa, 901-826-0292 or Allison, 901-240-9848 immediately! We will update this Blog when we have more information.

Donations for boarding can be sent via - or via mail
PO Box 584
Marion, Arkansas 72364

Thank you so much for your help and support during this difficult time.

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