Tuesday, December 22, 2009


You know the saying - "when it rains it pours?"
We are having a monsoon.

Charlie and Callie are two gorgeous, young Chocolate Labs, who came to us after being thown out of a car. They were being fostered at Joan's house. When Joan went into the hospital, Charlie and Callie went to a temporary foster home that could keep them for a few weeks. We did not see this as a problem, as both dogs had a rescue to take them and also a prospective adoptive home.

Today we discovered that Callie has tested positive for heartworm (light positive). Charlie has not been re-tested yet, but we suspect he will turn up positive as well when he visits the vet next week.

So - we need a new, longer term foster for these two that can hold them trough treatment - or a rescue that can take them as is and treat them upon intake. If you can help these two sweet pups - please contact: Allison at 901-240-9848 or Lisa at 901-826-0292.

Now - problem number 2 (or 102 depending on how you look at it).
Our vet has notified us that they cannot order the medication needed for heartworm treatment as Merial, the company that produces the medication, has temporarily shut down operations due to an upcoming merger.

We have 29 dogs right now that are Heartworm positive and urgently in need of treatment. If we cannot treat them, we cannot move them onto adoptive homes and rescue groups - which means we also cannot intake new dogs. This is a life-threatening problem for our current dogs and for future dogs that are in need of our help.

If anyone knows of a vet clinic in the greater memphis area that is rescue friendly - and has Immiticide in stock...PLEASE PLEASE let us know.

Donations for boarding and vetting can be sent via http://www.paypal.com/ - marionangels@yahoo.com

or via mail
PO Box 584
Marion, Arkansas 72364

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