Monday, November 9, 2009


This is Percy! He is such a sweet boy with some special needs that aren't hard to meet. Percy has been through alot. He was found injured by a good samaritan out in the country. It turns out he had a broken pelvis and an apparent head injury (most likely hit by a car). Percy had FHO surgery on his left hip about 6 weeks ago and is healing well. Doc isn't sure exactly what he can see exactly, but he appears to see better from a distance. Nevertheless, this boy can navigate his environment well. Xrays revealed 2 previous gun shot wounds (bullets still in his hip and jaw), so we know Percy is a survivor. We just knew we had to save him since he had already been through so much. He is about 10-12 months old according to the vet.

This is a super sweet dog who loves to lay in your lap and receive belly rubs. He needs a patient person to shower him with love and affection. He does fall at times (mainly when excited where he gets ahead of himself and may bump into things), so he needs some type of padding (carpet, etc.) rather than slippery floors and consistency with furniture placement. He has to be leash walked until he heals completely (which should not be too much longer), otherwise he will take off like a deer (he literally prances and will jump 4 feet in the air). Percy deserves a loving home with a fenced in yard. He wants more than anything to be part of the family. Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you can provide him a loving forever home!

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