Monday, November 9, 2009


Check out gorgeous Daisy! Daisy's litter-mates looked like Border Collie mixes (as tiny puppies anyway- all were adopted up North when they were little) so we think she is Border Collie/Plott Hound mix or Border Collie/Boxer mix. She has the most beautiful brindle coloring. No matter what she is mixed with, we know she is absolutely beautiful and sweet too! She is about 10-11 months old and weighs about 45 pounds.

Daisy got along with everyone in her previous home (sadly, the family has fallen on rough times and can not keep her) and is adjusting to her new foster home with Teresa (who happens to be fostering Mojo and Lucie too). Teresa said she is being an angel so far (quiet as a mouse- just checking things out) and that she will slowly acclimate her to her pack(s) soon! Daisy loves belly rubs too! We hope to find her a forever home soon! Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you would like to meet her!

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