Thursday, September 10, 2009


Mindy was another long term PAWS resident. She came to us almost a year ago with her brother, Mork. Mork was sent to rescue several months ago, leaving Mindy behind. Due to lack of socialization during her puppiehood, Mindy has always been skiddish around new people.

Now Mindy has found her chance to shine as well! Mindy left for rescue in Maine a few weeks ago. She is in foster care with another one of our pups (Mollie) pictured below. Here is the first update from her foster family. Doesn't she look happy?

Things are improving with Mindy on a daily basis. She is fully intergrated in our house and gets along with everyone including cat and bird. No interest in chasing small critters - at least for now :) - even though she is very interested in the cat to the point we use the "leave it" command.

We are introducing "newcomers" daily (of course their instructions are to ignore and don't approach) and her reaction is lessening somewhat. She definitely can be intimidating with a powerful bark and approach from the backside of people she doesn't know. So I'm observing and stepping in to let her know that I am in control of thesituation and she does not need to worry. She has been respectful of that.

Mindy is bonding with both of us and trusts us more and more each day. She is approaching us in a non-threatening way, allows us to pet her, and feed her treats. Mindy doesn't seem to be afraid of one gender over the other.

She is still frightened of things going around her neck and I am working on puttingthe lead on without constant backing away. I expect it to take a couple of weeks before she easily accepts a lead and collar/harness. But it's moving forward. I can approach her and put my face next to her's, giveher a hug and rub her belly. She cautious, but accepting.

She will make a good companion for another dog in an adult home. She is learning to bond with people and that we treat her with respect. She wants to be pet and loved, but is cautious. Mindy has of a true ACD nature of being suspicious of newcomers.

We are working on this by asking people to feed her treats when they sit down. She gently accepts treats from everyone. We have not tested her with children and believe that a non-child home would be best for her because she is afraid of sudden, unexpected movements.

Mindy does not have any destructive behaviors and is housebroken.

Sarah and Rob

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