Sunday, September 6, 2009


What a lucky gal! As you can see from the before picture, Sunny has made quite the transformation in just a few weeks. She is the most adorable little 6 pound bundle you could ever meet (she gained 2 pounds in just a couple of weeks). Despite how she looked initially, Sunny caught the eye of a couple in New York, Barbara and Richie.

Barbara just "had to have her" and flew to Arkansas as soon as she was safe to travel. Renamed Molly (which is the perfect name for this cutie), this little girl doesn't yet know how lucky she is. Molly will get to spend her days with her "people" at home (they have all the time in the world for her) or on their boat (yes...Molly will be quite the sailor before long!). Thank you Barbara and Richie for believing in our sweet Sunny :) Her foster family in Arkansas will certainly rest easy knowing she is in the best possible place for her!

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