Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is Sweetie Bear (now Riley) with her new canine sister, Shelby. Here is an update:

"Things are crazy here but good. It was actually hard to get the two of them to sit still for any length of time. Riley would want to come and cuddle every time I would step back for the picture! They get along and things are going great! I am so happy that the other bears (Sweetie's brothers) have found their homes too and hope all the best for Betsy and her baby (Beagle mom and son). Know that every day you are doing something great down there. All the best, Theresa"

Below is a picture of Opie who was pulled from the Marion Animal Shelter during one of the trips from our Rescue Angels in Wisconsin. Opie was adopted by his foster mom. Apparently he likes to sit on her dogs, Rocky and Shadow.

This is Jack (now Tucker), one of several pups who was saved by our Rescue Angels in Wisconsin several months ago. He was one of the "black dogs" that was lucky enough to make it out of a shelter.

"We renamed him Tucker instead of Jack and he took to it immediately. Sorry if my message was misleading at first but trust me you couldn't pry him away from us because we absolutely love having him with us. He is incredibly smart and loves to swim in the kiddie pool we bought him earlier this summer. He weighs about 35 pounds already, eats like a horse, and is growing like a weed. Tomorrow there is a local waterpark in Green Bay that lets dogs in on the last day they're open for summer so we'll see how he likes all of the crazy slides and fountains... Mike, Marie, and Tucker"

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