Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just look at these cuties! Thanks to Diana and Bill, these 3 litter-mates are safe! Calvin, Clive, and Candy were apparently dumped in a rural area in Missisippi when Diana and her husband, Bill found them. Foster home queen, Terri, agreed to keep them temporarily.

These cuties are around 4 months old and appear to be Lab or Lab-Hound mixes. They currently weigh 19, 24, and 25 pounds and are likely to be on the larger side when grown. Candy (black lab) will have eye surgery to correct entropion (eyelids turn inward) very soon. Sweet Clive has a smaller eye that Doc thinks he was born with. Doc does not think it bothers him at all, but it may eventually shrivel (which is ok, because he is adorable no matter what). Calvin does not appear to have any issues with his eyes.

We are looking for a foster home for these 3 as their foster mom has more than enough to take care of already. If you can help, please call Allison at 901-240-9848 or email marionangels@yahoo.com

Thank you Diana, Bill, Terri, and Victoria for helping to care for this precious pups!

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