Friday, July 3, 2009


Sweet Ned had been with us for over a year with no interest. He is a wonderful dog that gets along with everyone - it is a mystery to us why nobody down here wanted to take him home...Then last week, he was one of the lucky pups that headed North with our rescue partners that came for a visit, Janet and Sue. Ned is now in a wonderful foster home in Maine and is loving life!

Here is the first update from his foster family:

So here are some pictures of Ned and what we have learned so far about him: -Suuuuuper affectionate guy. Ned loves to give kisses and get human affection. He will cuddle up to you as close as he can whenever he has the opportunity. So far he has followed us around pretty closely and has been a bit clingy.

Ned has not bitten or mouthed either of us and has yet to chew anything either. He is a pretty laid back guy who is housetrained and well behaved.

Ned is very food driven right now. He inhales his food but allowed me to reach in a take it from him while he was eating without negatively responding. Ned has barked twice, both times were for attention. He was great around our 3 year old niece who was very interested in him. He plays great with the other dogs we have.

He has learned sit just in the short time we have had him and is already responding to "off" (paws off of the furniture) and "leave it". (We use both of these ALOT in our house!!!)

All around, like I said, super cute, super sweet, well behaved guy that is going to make a GREAT dog for someone or a family.

We could not be happier for Ned! His patience sure paid off. Thank you Janet and Sue for rescuing him!

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