Saturday, May 9, 2009


A little rain never hurt anyone... not when you have lives to save!!! We got a visit from 4 doggy angels from Wisconsin today (Beth, Linda, Judy, and Laura). These 4 women drove nearly 12 hours yesterday and arrived at 1:00 in the morning. With little sleep, they met our PAWS volunteers at the Marion Animal Shelter. Coming to save 19 dogs and puppies, somehow they managed to fit 5 more in!!! It took almost 2 hours to configure the vehicles to fit all the crates (and a few short downpours), but finally around 11 am all were safely in the cars and on their way! You can see precious Avery in the driver seat (he looked at all of us like "come on already, I'm ready to drive!").

The lucky ones included Lil Lady, Jasmine, Avery, Candy (who was returned after being adopted last fall), Natalie, a litter of 12 precious puppies, a Rat Terrier, 2 Beagle puppies, a Pug, a Corgi mix, and a couple of mix-breed pups! We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people care about our pups from so far away. They even brought more blankets, towels, dog food, dog supplies, and toys!

A special thanks to Beth, who has been a continuous support for us and has introduced us to the wonderful Rescue Group that took these sweeties. We are also grateful to Emily from the Rescue for reaching out to help us and of course Linda, Judy, and Laura for driving all this way. They are blessed to have foster homes willing to take these pups in when they arrive (as everyone in Rescue knows, that is absolutely critical, so thank you fosters!). THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH- WE APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!

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