Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sweet Bo has been through an awful lot. He spent months at the shelter waiting for a forever home, with no interest. Then, when the shelter was full, he was moved into boarding at the vet clinic, where he spent more months living in a tiny cage. We kept telling people that he is the nicest dog and would make a great family pet, but being a big, goofball of a hound, we just could not raise any interest.

Two weeks ago, a wonderful family stepped up to foster Bo with an eye towards adoption. He has the luxury of a big fenced in yard and a stay-at-home mom.

Here is the latest update from Bo's mom:

He still just has that curious puppy nature about him and that's understandable. Its funny, we kept hearing how active he is, yet he really sleeps a lot. All of us go out in the backyard to run around and he might play for a short while but then he just wants to curl up next to me and let me pet him. (Which I don't mind at all). :)

We took him out on his leash to my sons baseball practice and he did wonderfully with the kids petting him, really loved being out and getting to sniff around.

Still plan on looking into the classes at petco.

I think we are going to keep him!....He's been doing well in the house and other than chewing on a few toys left out he is doing well.


Thank you Vernon and Stephanie for giving Bo a chance at the life he deserves. He looks so happy!

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Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

Thanks for sharing Bo's new life! As a hound lover, I have indeed been concerned for him and am simply tickled at how well he is doing w/his "foster" family. Hounds make wonderful pets as Bo demonstrates. Thanks for all you do for yours and others dogs!