Thursday, May 28, 2009


We received news from the Rescue Group in Wisconsin that saved 24 of our dogs! This is the latest:

"We now have sent 11 of the puppies, Lil Lady, Jasmine, Sophie, Dexter, Blossom, and Yoda home. Natalie and Peanut have adoptions pending. So just one puppy, Avery (who may be adopted by one of the ladies who came down), Candy, Opie, Quigley, and Gracie left. And they are all doing really well in their foster homes..."

They are even talking about coming down in June to help more of our pups (cross your fingers and paws!). Thanks Emily and Crew! We hope to see you soon! We'll post pictures of updates as we receive them.

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Corey said...

I fostered 4 of the 12 puppies they were amazing little babies! They were wonderful to have and I look forward to fostering and helping out more! I think I am making the trip next time..... :-)