Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is an update from Lady Bug's new owner and Jane's new owner. We cannot be happier that these two found such wonderful homes! Thanks Janet once again for making it all happen!

"Greetings Janet,

Just wanted to thank you again for my early X-Mas present with the arrival of Lady Bug (Sadie) . She is doing quite well, and truly is a sweet girl. She loves to play with "Hughie" (pictured beside Lady Bug) and has a fondness for one of my cats as well. I have attached some holiday pics, oh they are so good for putting up with me! Cheers, Christine

"Seasons Greetings. JANIE is doing very well. She is starting to come out of her shell and seems to be catching on to us. She loves her yard and although it is small she makes the most of it. I snowblew a circle for her in the yard and you would think she was part greyhound the way she raced around it. Everyone loves her including my mother who is not an animal person. She even said she was glad we broought her to Christmas Eve. She went to Christmas with us about 45 miles away and rode great. Her cousin the Boxer was there and they played and wrestled until they were exhausted and covered in drool. Janie slept all the way home. We will be looking for a school for her soon and hopefully her listening skills can be honed in. She certainly has selective hearing. Enclosed are a couple pictures. Steve and Pam


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