Monday, December 29, 2008


Here is some more great news about one of our pups! This is Patrick (known as Scotty previously). For those of you who may not remember, Patrick is deaf.

"Just thought I would send you some pix of Patrick. He is doing so well. He has turned out to be the best little dog. He has learned four sign language commands, "Sit", "come", "pay attention" and "good boy". He loves to sit on your lap and give lots of kisses. He can dance standing up on his hind legs. He came perfectly house-trained and only barks to go outside or to play (and he loves to play!). Of course, he's still crazy to ride around in cars or trucks. Jim has even taken him into Home Depot with him! He also doesn't seem to mind being dressed up! Happy Holidays to all! Cathy and Jim, Patrick, Michael, Kelly and Finn"

Thanks for the update and for providing Patrick such a great home!

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