Friday, December 19, 2008


Meet Gus and Gabby - a truly odd couple!

These two were found traveling together by our animal control officer...It is obvious that they are a bonded pair. As the shelter is overflowing once again, these two are staying in one of our volunteer's heated garage...It is not perfect, but they both seem happy. However, we would love to find them a more comfortable, longer term foster. It is apparent that these two have been a part of someone's family and deserve to be included in a pack again.

Gus is one of the biggest, most loveable goofballs that you will ever meet. We think he is a Lab/Newfy mix who obviously has not missed any meals. He greets everyone he meets with wags and kisses. He takes very good care of his girlfriend, Gabby, who is one tenth his size and definitely wears "the pants" in their relationship. We are not sure what breed Gabby is - she looks like a Papillion/Corgi mix. He plays so gently with her - it is the sweetest thing to see! He even gives her the better part of the bed!

Sadly, Gus has tested positive for heartworm. Because of his weight, his treatment will be quite expensive for us.
We would greatly appreciate donations towards his treatment.

We know it is a long shot - but we would love to see these two stay together. It would be heartbreaking to split them up. If you have room in your heart and home for this very odd couple - please contact Allison: 901-240-9848.

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