Saturday, August 30, 2008


This is Jake (aka Billy). He was one of the "Aussie Pups" (well...he's not really an Aussie, but his siblings looked like they were Aussie mixes- Blaine, Betty, Becca, etc.). Anyway, Kira and Brian (Arlington, TN) adopted this sweet boy and sent pictures the other day. Congratulations to both of you on your recent wedding/marriage and on your new addition! This is what they had to say about Jake:

"They (Jake and his canine buddy, Callie) absolutely love playing with each other. Jake is a great dog and we couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. Some milestones: Jake weighs about 18lbs. now. He has gotten all of his shots and will be neutered within the next couple of weeks. He loves going to the farm with Brian. He loves playing with all other dogs and people. Training him has been a breeze. He rings the bells that we have hanging on our back door to let us know he needs/wants to go outside. He slaps the bells so hard that they swing back and forth hitting the wall and door. He keeps slapping them until we get up to let him out. He is very persistent! He can now go up and down the stairs without hesitation or being scared. (This was a big deal...he would go up with Callie and then he was scared to come back down.) He loves stealing socks, scarfs, shoes, etc. out of our closets and taking them to his bed where he lays with them. Jake is so smart and just a really loving dog. We love him very much!"

Thank you both for providing such a wonderful home for him. He is very lucky to have you!

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