Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ok folks...desperate doesn't quite describe our situation right now. We have 20+ dogs in boarding right now just to keep them alive...that's the sad truth. That is on top of the over-capacity shelter. We cannot afford to pay for very long without your help (nor is it ideal for the sweet pups). Below are some of the dogs who are urgently needing foster homes. If you cannot foster, please consider sponsoring a dog in need. Donations can be made via Paypal (the email address for Paypal is; each dog has a "sponsor me" button in his/her profile) or via Check made out to PAWS (P.O. Box 584 Marion, AR 72364). We can provide a receipt to use as a tax deduction if you let us know. More pictures of these sweeties can be found in older Blog posts or on the Petfinder site under each of their names. Below are: Petey (Brindle Pitbull); Patches (Black Lab/Shepherd mix); Dora (Tan & White Hound mix); Chief (Yellow Lab mix); Smokey (Samoyed/Chow mix); Hank (Tan Bull Terrier/Pit mix); Jack (Great Pyrenees mix); Jill (Black Border Collie mix); and Cajun (German Shepherd/Rottie mix). Petey, Hank, Jack, Jill, and Cajun are all heartworm positive and will need a quiet home (preferably with someone who is there most of the time to keep watch while they recover from heartworm treatment). Please come by the shelter to look at our other dogs/puppies (many of whom have not even been posted yet).

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