Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oh my...another one off to a rough start. Meet Joe! This sweetheart was found by a good samaritan. Thanks to the person that found him, Joe no longer had to walk around in pain. You see Joe has a broken leg! He has been at the shelter for over 2 weeks now and seems to be healing well with his splint on. However, this poor baby (we say baby because he is only about 6 months old) is having to live in a crate! That would be fine if someone was available to let him out regularly for potty breaks! He desperately needs a foster home where he can receive the attention he deserves. Please don't make Joe spend another night alone. Joe could really use some sponsors as well because he has an outstanding vet bill, so please consider donating to PAWS in his name (it's completely tax deductible!)

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