Tuesday, April 24, 2007


PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! THE SHELTER IS SET TO CLOSE ON APRIL 28th (THIS SATURDAY). We so desperately need foster homes for the following categories: VERY SHORT TERM- dogs that are going to rescue groups up north within the next 2 weeks; HEARTWORM TREATED DOGS- dogs that are currently undergoing heartworm treatment (either are at the vet right now or will be going before the end of the week) and require strict rest (leash walks only) for the next 4-6 weeks (some less time, some a little more- depends on when the treatment was started); REGULAR FOSTERS- dogs that have not yet been spoken for and need a little more time to find permanent homes (time period unknown, but rest assured, we will be doing everything we can to find homes).

WE APPRECIATE ANY HELP YOU CAN PROVIDE DURING THIS TIME AND SINCERELY APPRECIATE EVERYONE' S PATIENCE IN THIS MATTER. WE ARE VOLUNTEERS AND WE ARE TRYING SO HARD TO HELP THESE INNOCENT DOGS, SO PLEASE BEAR WITH US IF YOU ARE WAITING ON A RESPONSE (Call Joan at 870-739-1145). If you are unable to foster or adopt, please sponsor a particular dog to improve his/her chances of being rescued (we are trying to board as many as possible if they do not have homes by this weekend). THANKS SO MUCH!

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